Herd Share Sales

Here's where we talk about how you can buy and board your Herd Share and how to start receiving your Raw Milk!

But First!
Disclaimers, Yuk, I hate this part...
We would like to tell you that the ONLY legal way to obtain Raw Milk in the State of Tennessee is to own a cow in part or in full this means that you must either own a whole cow or own a share in a cow or herd of cows with several other people. Most people that own a herd share have a boarding agreement with a farmer to take care of the cow or herd for them. This is the best of both worlds! You get your raw milk and there's NO experience required and NO daily commitments!
Ok, just to make sure we are all on the same sheet of music, It is illegal to sell raw milk in the State of Tennessee. Period... That being said we will only transfer milk to a herd share owner and we do ask for your commitment not to sell your raw milk either.

Now to the Good Stuff!

How to Buy a Herd Share.

Echo Valley Farm does currently have Jersey Herd Shares available for sale.

Herd Share purchase price 30.00 - One Time Cost per Share
Monthly Boarding 35.00 - Per month, Per Share

1 herd share entitles you to 1 gallon of milk per week.

When you purchase your herd share(s) you will receive a Bill of Sale and a Herd Share Boarding Contract to show that you own a share or shares in a Jersey Dairy Herd.
If at anytime you decide you don't want your share(s) please let us know and we will do our best to make arrangements to buy it back, help you sell the share or you are welcome to sell it on your own, it is after all your share.

You will also need to supply your own glass containers. You will need twice as many containers as you have shares in this way you can leave clean empty containers to be filled when you pick up your milk.

Pick up and Delivery:

Madisonville or Surrounding Areas:
Farm pick ups are always welcome during regular business hours.
Because the farm is also our home we do ask that you call to make set an appointment to pick up your milk. Thanks!

We currently have a weekly delivery in West Knoxville every Thursday from 4:30-5:00pm.

All of our Maryville Herd Share Boarders are picking up at the farm.

Start a Pick-Up in Your Town:
With fuel prices being so outrageous many of our Herd Share Families have started what I like to call a pick-up Coop, this is where 2 or more families that live in the same town take turns picking up the milk. We have families that come from Maryville, Oak Ridge, Norris, South Knoxville, Wartburg.
The more families that are involved the fewer trips each has to make for example, 2 families - every 2 weeks, 3 families - every 3 weeks and so on...
So grab a friend or family member and start a coop for your town!